Ying Hua Yuan Leisure Club (Shenzhen)

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    Address: 2F Seaview Plaza, 18 Taizi Road
    Also Known As: Sakura Massage
    DBA in local language: 樱花苑足浴休闲会馆
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
    Payment: Cash
    About Me:
    Sakuraen Lavipeditum Leisure Hall(AKA Sakura Massage) is located in the Sea World tourism zone in Shekou manufacturing district. It possesses advantaged environment with a food street and Shenzhen Sea World surrouded. Since it bagan to operate, it has been well received among foreign visitors. Ying Hua Yuan Leisure Club is a comprehensive parlor with leisure, business and massage. With delicate, elegant, and distinctive decoration, Ying Hua Yuan Leisure Club will provide you a tranquil and comfortable massage environment to make you experience the charming of massage.
    I think I visited Sakura massage this week, the one in Seaview Plaza, next to Sunflower Bar. I chose a massage technician called Juan Juan. She is a nice little thing with a good personality and cure smile. She gave a good massage when I was on my front. When I turned over she went straight for him and suggested happy ending. After massage, I had a shower and she provided some more neck and shoulder massaging before I got dressed and left. If you take her on outcall she also gives a decent BJ.
    She watched me strip and take a shower.  I then lay on the bed.  No funny shorts required!  She gave me a pretty decent dry massage including a nice butt rub.  Then she brought out the oil and gave me another back rub and then a really nice ball and prostrate massage.  I flipped and she lay down beside me and started massaging LB.  We did some very light kissing and she let me undo her bra and fondle her really nice full B cups.  I was also allowed to massage LS, but I didn't try to go inside the panties.  Don't ask me why, it just didn't seem right.  After awhile of this I asked her to kiss my nipples, she obliged, and I shot my load.

    It was a very enjoyable, full 90 minute session.  After bro Petay's report of on site "jiggy jiggy" I asked my gal, but she declined.  Maybe she didn't like the size of LB (go for it, Petay   )

    Name: Annie
    From: Hunan
    Age: didn't ask, but she's probably near to 30
    Looks: 3.5/5
    Body: 4/5
    Skill: 3/5 (I've had better HJ's)
    Service: 4/5 (very nice girl)
    WIR: Probably cuz the price is pretty reasonable
    Price: 238 +200 tip
    Face: 4/5 - really pretty
    Age: 23 - looks a little older
    Body: 4/5 - Lovely legs but a little chubby around the midrif & top of her legs. Lovely size tits. 
    Skills: 4/5 - I'll explain below

    We started with the small talk as she prepared the room, which obviously had not been used that day as it felt like a sauna. Which she kept apologising for. 

    We started with the massage, which was really good. Dry massage for around 15/20 minutes, followed by an oil massage. She asked if I minded questions in English to help her vocab, so she was asking random questions. 

    After around 30 minutes the teasing started   she started stroking my balls and rubbing my ass   She kept doing this for some time, moaning quietly as she did this, she has such a cute voice too. 

    She asked me to turn over, she kept saying "I like you" hmm yeah ok... Sure you do... 

    I've been to Sakura quite a few times over the last year and never really had more than a HJ and some ****** play. Kally started kissing & licking my chest, always 1 hand on my balls   she started going lower & lower... Damn this girl is gonna tease me to death!!! 

    She started licking & kissing my thighs, I was just moaning thinking " lease please started sucking my LB!" haha   and to my complete surprise.. she did     I was completely shocked. She got naked without me asking her, and BBBJ too     she had never even mentioned money. Her BBBJ was not the best, not much suction but damn it has been a couple of weeks since I had one. She kept stopping my kissing my chest with a little girly giggle at the teasing. After lord knows how long, I asked her for 69 and she agreed. 

    Her LS was very hairy but I was very horny   I dove right in, her clit was quite far in & small but once I found it she started moaning, I was licking & fingering her & she was pushing back into my face. After what I assumed was her having a rather wet orgasm, she apologised and got off & started teasing my LB AGAIN! Very slow strokes with 1 finger massaging my ass hole. 

    Then she pushed my ass up, I though to lick my ass but she wrapped my legs around her and put my LB between her tits   and started going up and down, man I fell a little in love with her then. Damn this was good. It was not long before I       allover her tits & chest. 

    She went & showered & I laid, completely drained and smiling. She came back & I showered. When I got back to the room, she had laid a name card out for me. I asked how much she wanted & she said only 200, the standard fee   

    I paid her 200 + another 200 = This is what most girls ask for to get naked. 

    WIR? Try and stop me!
    It's a good massage with a weird HE in Shekou, Shenzhen

    Date: 12th of August
    Location: Sea World, Shekou, Shenzhen - Metro Exit D - cross road & turn left, can't miss it, Bright Yellow signs
    Price: 168 for massage + 200 tip for girl. Never had a girl ask for more. 

    Feeling a little ropey & tired after a big weekend, decided to go for a massage. I have been to this place a few times, never been able to do anything with the girls but the massage is always good and decent HE, it is a lot cheaper than other places too. 

    I walked in & selected the hot stone & oil massage for 100 minutes for 168RMB. They always try & sell you the top one which is around 198 for VIP, which includes a bath, the gitl bathes you after the massage. Not as good as it sounds, would be OK if she joined you in the tub   

    She showed me to the bathroom and I had a quick shower whilst she prepared the room. Once I was on the bed she started the massage, she started small talk in China which I could kind of follow. She gave me a very good dry massage, then she started with the stones, this felt great, hot stones up and down my back. She then put them on my ass and legs   damn but it felt nice!!

    After this she gave me a nice oil massage and a good tease, massage lasted around 45/50 minutes. She asked me to turn over and gave me a head and chest massage, then another leg massage. Asked if I wanted a HE....Ummm .... OK   

    She started teasing me again, they always sit between your legs so you can't touch them.   

    This is when it got weird... She pointed at her legs... I did not know what she meant but she was saying 200 ...   I just said yes, I actually thought she was asking if I wanted another leg massage. She then got the oil and started rubbing it into her legs... Then she put my LB behind her knee and started moving it up and down. Kinda felt good but made me feel uncomfortable... I laid back and tried to get into it, she was getting tired and was switching legs, she never complained but I was never gonna finish like this. I asked her to just give me HE and she agreed (gratefully I think!)

    But... As good as the HJ was, I still could not   maybe because I was under the weather, she again, never complained about it. I asked her to stop & said sorry, I said I was tired. She said no problem and started massaging me again. She massaged me for maybe another 20 minutes, then asked if I wanted to try again. I said OK, this time she lifted up her dress and squatted over me leg, she started grinding herself against my leg, moaning. DAMN! This got me going, I started rubbing her LS through her red panties and she said it was OK. She was really getting into it (Or so I thought) and moving faster, moaning softly. 

    She took me too shower and then she even showered me. She gave me her number at the end.

    Damage: I gave her 300 tip - she earned it!
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