Xinganjue Health Center (Shenzhen)

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    Address: No.187, Industry Balu
    DBA in local language: 新感觉健康城
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
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    This massage health center is located in Nanshan district, it is in the Gongye 8 Lu about a 10-15min stroll from Walmart. The place looks OK from the outside and the lobby is big, clean, and well lit. When you step into the massage room, you will find that it is a large room with a big bed and a private bathroom with shower. there are more than 10 massage girls in this health center, they are beautiful, young and professional, they can provide full service, Blow job, TY(Push oil) happy ending massage and any other special service if you like. The price is not very high, the average price is about 600rmb.
    On my last day in Shenzhen, I found a nice place named Xinganjue on the Industry 8th Road in Nanshan District. 

    Waiting in the room and then came in my gal who looked around 30 with nice figure. B cup. Did not ask her name. All were ok expect that she could not speak English. Though I knew a little mandarin, communication between us was ok.

    Asked me 398 or 498. I asked the difference and she told me if I chose 498, she would take a shower with me together. Okay, I chose the latter.

    The shower was great and she really took good care of me in the bath room. Then, came the real show. She gave me a Bj first on the bed. Really enjoyable. then, we tred many positions and  I made the doggy last for a long time as I knew I would not manage a second round. Finished on her B cup boobs finally. 
    Went there yesterday and got a girl named Sophie. She looked young and was around 30. Nice body (from my point of view) with B cup.

    She sent me to the shower at first. I invited her to join me and was told I had to add 100 RMB by doing that. I said ok and that was an awesome bath. She almot licked each part of my body. 

    After the bath, the moment I lay down on the bed, she jumped on top of me to start cowgirl.  We whirled through CG, mish, me standing with her bouncing on my LB and finally doggy. She kept encouraging me all the time and when finishing she praised me for my job. 

    Nice experience and I would repeat.
    Shekou - Massage with HB (Happy Beginning) Hey Fellow Bros. I was staying in Shekou not far from the Walmart on Nanhai Lu. I was in the mood for a decent massage. If it ended with HE it would be a bonus, but I was really just looking for a massage. I had passed this place a couple of times in the taxi and decided to give it a try (location details at the end of the later). The place looks ok from the outside and the lobby is big, clean, and well lit. I was optimistic about my chances for a decent massage. I tell the guy at the door what I want and he takes me for a tour. Winding through a maze of corridors we finally arrive. I could never find my way out on my own. It is a large room with a big bed and a private bathroom with shower. Hmmmm, what's this about I am now thinking. Less than 2 minutes later my masseuse comes to the room and introduces herself in Mandarin and then asks, OK la? She is at best a 6/10 and a bit plump, but since I am only there for massage what do I care? She tells me to shower so I strip and head to the bathroom. She excuses herself for a minute, leaves the room, and then 2 minutes later she returns and joins me in the shower, completely naked! She washes me down paying lots of attention to LB and then sends me to the bed. I notice two cups on the bedside table that weren't there before, one with ice and the other with clear liquid. She joins me on the bed and immediately attacks my nipples. She makes a few passes at LB with her hand and then puts on a cap and proceeds to CBJ. Not the best BJ ever, but I had quickly moved her into 69 so I wasn't really focused. After a bit of BJ she changes the cap and then climbs aboard for CG. A couple of positions later we end up in mish. She came once in CG and then again in mish. I finished soon after her 2nd. No time was spent snuggling and we went back into the shower to clean up. Afterwards she gave me the WORST MASSAGE OF MY LIFE. The sex was good, not excellent. The girl was average at best. But what a surprise! This massage joint is on Gongye 8 Lu about a 10-15min stroll from Walmart. If you are familiar at all with the area, there is a Decathlon Sporting Goods store on the corner of Nanhai Lu and Gongye 8 Lu. Walk east on Gongye 8 Lu , through two intersections and the parlor is on the right. If you get to Houhai Lu you missed it. Name: Dee Age: 25 From: Guangdong Face: 6/10 Body: 5/10 (a little plump, small boobs) Service: 7/10 (very friendly, fun) Skill: 6/10 (into the sex, orgasm without too much trouble) Menu: FS, DATY, CBJ, no kissing allowed Massage skills: non-existent Cost: rmb 498 Return: Already have, but tried a different masseuse
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