Shui Du International Health Club (Shenzhen)

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    Website: http://www.szshuidu.com/
    Phone: 8385-6666
    Address: Zhiben Building,No. 12 , Fumin Road
    DBA in local language: 水都国际健康俱乐部
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
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    From the crazy neon lights of the exterior located in Shenzhen's new Huanggang CBD, you wouldn't expect something quite nice and tasteful inside. And that's what Shui Du is! There are plenty of Day - Night Spas to choose from. The interior design is confident, contemporary, and modern. In the men's bathing area there are pools and showers of every type and kind to help massage the body. A crazy addition, is a pool of fish that will eat the dead skin off your body for 35 RMB. Like all spas in Shenzhen, this one lets you spend the night. The place is packed with comfortable private rooms, guest rooms, massage chairs to sleep on, complete with TV. There is a movie theater, a dining room serving all types of food, and a bowling alley. Kids can play ping pong or video games.
    Shuidu International Health Centre in Futian Village, Shenzhen This is a belated field report from last autumn, as I don't travel much these days and don't visit this forum that often now. One day in September 2012 I went to Foshan for a day trip on business. I got to my client's office before lunch, and the day went quite smoothly so that by about 3:30 I had sorted out everything. My client then sent me to the Guangzhou South Station where I would take the high-speed rail to Shenzhen North Station. From Shenzhen North I took the subway for the Futian border control to return to Hong Kong. Midway, I decided to relax a bit, and got off the subway at the Fumin Station, just one stop away from the terminal. I got out of the subway station, and saw Shuidu International Health Centre across the street, right at the southwest corner of Fumin Road and Jintian Road. It looked like a big, high-class establishment, and I decided to give it a try even though I had never heard of it before. I got in, and was quickly ushered to the basement where there was an entrance for men's section and another for women's section. A waiter led me to my locker and I stripped myself naked. The furnishing and facilities looked quite nice and clean, and I was quite happy with my choice. In the shower area, there were a number of pools with hot and cold water, plus a sauna room and a body-rubbing area. It seemed like the body-rubbing was being done by men, and I wasn't interested. After a quick shower, I went on to change into the pajamas provided by the establishment. On my way I saw a notice board listing the masseuses at work, with their numbers and photos. I noted two girls with prominent cleavages, one being number 16 and the other 62, if I remembered correctly. At the lounge I said I'the like to have a massage right away, and the waiter sent me up in a lift by pressing the fourth floor. I walked out and found a very quiet place with a maze of corridors and numerous massage rooms. The rooms appeared rather small, and although furnished in a decent manner, did not seem to be equipped with many facilities. I asked the waiter about the services provided, he named a few but said they were different from those offered on the third floor. I took the hint and went back to the elevator. On the third floor, the lift opened to a large reception area with a long desk and a few chairs. A girl dressed in some sort of Thai-style blouse and a long dark skirt greeted me and said she would explain everything in the treatment room. As she led me to my room I noticed that she was in fact wearing pants rather than skirt. So I followed her down the corridor into a rather spacious room that was probably more than 40 square metres in size. The glass door was decorated with some figures and was largely opaque, but with sufficient transparent space so that it would not be too difficult to see what's going on inside the room from the corridor. The room was decorated in Chinese style with no internal partitions except for the glass panels forming the shower room. The door opened to a large sitting area with only a couple of chairs separated by a tall tea table. The bathing area was next to the entrance was a bathroom, and comprised a shower room, a toilet and a bathtub. At the far corner of the room were a massage bed and a cupboard with a washing basin sitting on top. The girl made me sit down, and explained the several packages on offer. I don't remember the details but there was this package of about 1, 100 yuan that included a body scrub and an oil massage that covered the 'crucial parts of the body', in her own words. She said it was their most popular package and that I would certainly be satisfied. I agreed to her suggestion, and she told me to wait for her return as she made preparation for our session. She returned a few minutes later with a washing basin for the footbath. It was a quick one and there was nothing really special about it. She then told me to put on a pair of paper shorts and get on the massage bed for a body scrub. Again, it was done swiftly, and I was told to take a quick shower to rinse off the body scrub salt. As I was in the shower, she left briefly and then returned to administer a bath. But I wasn't sure the bathtub was clean enough, and so I skipped this part. It was therefore time for the massage. I got on the massage bed, with my paper shorts on. She dimmed the light but the room was still reasonably bright due to the strong light in the corridor. My masseuse started the oil massage from my shoulders and worked her way down to my waist, then went on to my feet and legs before she came back to my buttock. Initially, she would massage my thighs from the back of my knees all the way up to my ass, thrusting her hands inside my pants. After a few rubs, she simply ripped open the crotch of my pants, effectively turning it into a short skirt. She then flipped the paper up to expose my ass, pour a generous supply of oil over the crack, and massaged it onto my backdoor. This was a very sensuous massage, and she didn't neglect my balls and cock, either. After a thorough massage of my backside, it was time for me to turn over. She started with my feet, and worked her way up my thighs, skipped my groin and continued to my chest. As she moved closer to me, I was now able to caress her thighs and tits. She would not allow me to strip her, though I could get my hands under her bra. As I worked on her modest tits, she turned her attention to my little brother, who was now in full attention. I asked if she would go all the way, but she firmly refused, despite my offer of a big tip. After much haggling, she agreed to let me finger her * without taking off any clothing articles for a tip of 200 yuan. I was thus introduced to the secret of the pair of long black skirt-pants that she was wearing. It turned out that one of the legs of her pants was very wide and could be rolled up her thigh easily, giving my hand almost unrestricted access to her. I found my target almost instantly, and was soon finger-fucking her while she jerked me off. We climaxed at the same time, but my arm was terribly sored. All in all, I must say it was a rather expensive experience.
    Shui Du International Health Club
    So been in SZ for a few months and had a chance to go to all the major spas in the Futian area. (will write a review for each shortly) Safety - 0/5 Shui DU is by far the worst in terms of fire regulations. Not sure how they get away with it but I swear there is something funny going on with the way each level is cut out. 2 levels somehow become 4, so go figure.... also I do not see that many fire exits, and the way u go to the main area by a lift... good luck when your trying to get of this place.... overall feeling is uncomfortable. Interior - 3/5 The interior is so so, quite good but there are better ones in the area. Chairs are comfy and there is a lot of space to relax but the ceiling is too low! Service - 2/5 didn't speak english and masseuse are so rude, keep pointing at the 100 tip mark.... ummm its 30RMB per hr not 50RMB. Hygeine - 2/5 they had skid marks in the toilet and it smelt bad... chairs had reused towels and the clothes made me itchy Massage - 3/5 about the same as any other joint but I kept sniffing the towels...... masseuse The only good thing about them is the food and the bowling alley..... everything else is just so so and I won't be going back until they sort the fire exits out!!!
    Went to Shui Du this Friday evening for massage and relaxation. I stayed the night in their capsule beds. My conclusion: it's a very similar experience to Queen Spa and Carnival Spa -- same business model, same type of facilities, same level of service, similar prices. The previous reviewer said "Leave the ratty old (spas) to the tourists who don't know better." I'm not sure what he or she is talking about. First of all, Queen and Carnival are anything but old and ratty. Secondly, it's not as if Shui Du is a hidden gem or anything. Yes, it's located near Lok Ma Chau rather than Lowu, but that hardly makes it off the beaten path. My feeling is that these higher end Shenzhen places are getting a bit expensive for their utility. Shui Du is charging by 45-minute blocks rather than by the full hour. Moreover, their suggested tips start at RMB50! It all adds up and makes me wonder whether I'd be better off just finding a decent place in Hong Kong.
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