Shenzhen Perthden Hotel Sauna (Shenzhen)

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    Website: http://www.perthdenhotel.com
    Phone: HK 6555 5739 CN 13068455739 / 0755-22656655
    Address: at the sixth Floor of Shenzhen Perthden Hotel No.1025 South along the river.
    DBA in local language: 柏斯頓酒店桑拿
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    About Me:
    The Perthden leisure center is located in the sixth floor of Shenzhen Perthden Hotel, which is easy to locate from Luohu Station. In this sauna spa, it can let you get in the fast pace of urban life. There is special designed for VIP customers of independent area, you can enjoy the sauna, massage, foot bath, and other entertainment in this sauna club, can let you have a relaxed and happy time. The environment of this sauna center is very good and you can choose different type of massage girls in this sauna club, some of them are beautiful, but the service attitude may be a little bad, some are cute and also have a good attitude.

    Technician No.1 is high recommended who has the excellent skill and can provides BBBJ accroding to your needs. The price is about $389(1 shot) and $489(2 shots), the massage skill of the massage girls is very professional, they can provide BJ service.
    Went there last week. Led directly to the bath room for a quick shower, then I went upstairs to a quite clean massage room, I waited around 10mins, and a girl came in with big smiles. We talked for a while and she started to BBBJ me which was amazing as she was topless and gave me a wonderful view. No DFK or DATY, and I payed 448RMB in total, it was good and I may repeat in the near future.
    After the raid in Dongguan, I did not go out anymore. Recently, I wonder how it's going now in SZ so went to this sauna. Surprising, after my shower, I was led to a room and reviced an awesome massage. Though no full service, but the gal drove me crazy by offering me HJ, BBBJ and rimming. A great place!
    danny an
    Read a report about BBBJ at Perthen and I decided to have a try. Went there last week and asked for a massage on 5th florr, the locker boy showed me to my room, after a while, my girl came in with schoolgirl outfit, she offered a catbath first, followed with a BJ with her extreme seductive eyes looking at me, I had to say she knew how to please a man! I pushed her head and made a perfect deep throat, finally, I came in and cum in her mouth, I paied 298 in total which was a great value!
    When I came to Shenzhen I feel bored and decided to stay Perthden Hotel. There is a sauna center in this hotel. Step into the hotel, I walked straight in and took the lift to 6th floor and told the guy that I wanted a massage and he took me to sit in a small tatty room. he ask me what I wanted, I choose RMB498 massage for 2 hours. He then told me to wait a few minutes and then walked in 4 girls. I quickly picked one and then waited 10 minutes for them to prepare the actual hotel room.  The guy comes back and takes me to another floor (17th) to a pretty decent standard hotel room. then the girl I chose comes in. We get undressed, shower, and then in the bed for the normal routine. Fire ice BJ, cuddling, fingering, then on to the main event- spoon fucked her for a few minutes and then finished off in miss.
    After resting, I want another normal massage but she wasn't any good at massaging. She then caps me and fire ice again, cuddling, then I told her to get on top, then doggy, scissors, and a few other positions. The full massage session is 75minutes.
    Shenzhen - Perthden Hotel

    Hi Bros!

    Following everyone's recent reporting on Perthden Hotel, I finally made it out to Shenzhen to check it out for myself. In doing so, I thought I might provide some of my thoughts.

    First, Perthden is quite easy to locate from the Luohu station. Upon exiting the MTR and immigration, I walked straight out of the building going North. Once outside, you'll walk through a courtyard with a long fountain in the middle with the restaurants and the train station to your left hand side. Keep moving in this direction and you'll soon see Shangri-La Hotel in front on the next block. Now the main street is blocked by dividers so you may have to walk North a bit to come back down, but the point will be to go RIGHT from Shangri-LA. While being on that side of the street, the street will curve toward NE. Keep following the street and the hotel will be to your left. 

    Once I went in, I went directly to the 5th floor and was greeted by the "service boy." He asked if I knew the place and was in the process of going through this whole "we only have regular massages" thing before I cut him off and said "that I knew of the place and that I was looking for the 400/500 (398/498) massage. He relented and then led me up to a room on the 6th floor. In a few minutes, he lead 3 girls in: 1 looked quite young at under 23ish, 1 was so-so, and another one looked 25+, but had a cute face. 

    I ended up picking the last one and her name was Ling-Ling.

    Date 26.08. around 9 pm
    Name: Ling Ling  
    Face: 3.75/5 
    Body: 3/5 (looked young and thin, but really flabby naked; breath smelled horrible)
    Age of the girl: said 26, but probably older 
    Service: 3.5/5 (very accomodating, but no CIM, COF, fingering)
    Damage: 500 + 100 tip + 20 tip

    I ended up picking the 500 dollar package so that there would be no rush. Overall, pretty regular experience. A good value, but I have yet to get a good feel for the stable quality yet. Will try again or visit the villages next!
    Shenzhen - Perthden Hotel Location: Perthden Hotel, Shenzhen Time of visit: Monday, July 29, 2013 Girl: #1 (Sorry forgot her name) from Shanghai Age: 22, currently a 2nd year student Face: 7/10, chose the prettiest one from the group Body: 7/10 Around 5'1" and a bit saggy boobs Attitude: 9/10, she was friendly and accommodating Service: 7/10 Damage: 498 RMB (girl) + 20 RMB (tip) Thank you to our brother Obe for his detailed reports. I went to Shenzhen last Monday, July 29, 2013 for a business trip. After finishing my business meeting, I had time to kill before going back to Hong Kong. I searched for Perthden Hotel, to which our brother Obe was mentioning a few weeks back. Checked the hotel's website and managed to find the hotel, it is indeed near Lo Wu station. Arrived at Lo Wu station and immediately went to exit E2. The way to Perthden hotel is you turn left after you get out of the exit E2 (you're facing Shangri-La Hotel). Got lost for about an hour then I finally found the place. Took the elevator up the 5th floor and asked the reception if they can speak English. They looked shocked, so I spoke to them in Mandarin (my mandarin is not that good, but I think I can speak conversational Mandarin). Asked them where can I get the 398 RMB massage and they asked me which website did I find out about the 398 RMB massage. I told them about this website and they looked relieved. Was brought up to the 6th floor where a guy was sitting on the couch playing with his phone. Was asked to wait in a room with a massage bed, tv, and couch. After waiting for more than 30 minutes, one of the guys went in and brought me to the 6th floor. Tipped him 20 RMB when he left. While I was waiting for #1, I took pictures of the room. After a few minutes, #1 came in. She immediately gave me a hug. I asked her if she can speak in English. She told me that she can speak a little English since she was a translator before in one of the trade exhibits before. She was quite friendly and accommodating. Told her that I'm not a mainlander but a overseas Chinese from Philippines. She was amazed that I can understand and I can talk to her in Mandarin. It seems that my Mandarin skills has improved! She then told me to take a bath with her. She soaped me real well both front and back. After bathing me, she then asked me to wait on the bed while she prepares herself. While waiting on the bed, I took some pictures of her stuff. I'll attach later at the end of my report. After she finished her bath, she came to me and started licking little bro. Little bro woke up and stood up straight. She then started giving me a BBBJ and licking my balls. Man, it felt so good! After that, she then capped me and inserted little bro into little sis. She was really tight! Told me that she couldn't move a lot coz I was too big for her. That was the first time a girl told me that I was too big for her and that she could really feel my tool inside her. She couldn't move much and thought it might hurt if she moved a lot. We then switched to missionary and when I inserted my tool, she was already wet! Didn't see her put KY or anything, so I assume that it was all natural. I then started pumping her and she was moaning so loud in my ear. After pumping her, we switch position to doggy. She was moaning so loud and it was such a turn on. For the finale, we went back to missionary and I pumped like no tomorrow. Finally blew my load and we were both sweaty from the steamy sex that we just did. While resting, chit chatted with her and got to know her more. She then took a shower and I followed afterwards. She bathed me again and cleaned me up real well. Went back to the bed afterwards. After bathing herself, she then followed me to the bed again. She was naked all the time and she didn't feel embarrassed. Some WG would cover themselves up after the deed, but this girl was walking around naked as if I was not there, which was a definite plus for me. She then started playing with little bro and little bro woke up for the second round. She capped me and gave me an even better BBBJ than the first session. After that, she inserted little bro into little sis for some WOT action. Just a sight to behold tight little sister and bouncing tities. Nice! After that, we changed position to doggie again and I asked her to lie down while doing her from behind. Pumped her for a good few minutes and I felt myself nearing climax. Pumped even faster and I felt little sister tighten. We both climaxed at the same time. She asked me if I felt little sister tighten. I told her yes and I know that you also climaxed and she just laughed. We then proceeded to shower again and she cleaned me up real well. Dressed up, paid and got her email address so that we can keep it touch. I'll contact her again when I go back to Shenzhen or when I go to Shanghai. Requested for a picture and she agreed as long as I don't take a picture with her face. Attached is her picture. Enjoy brothers! Thanks for taking time to read!
    [Shenzhen, Luohu]Perthden Hotel #9 I'm staying next to Perthden in a condo called HuiTai. It's 188/night (if you book for a week it's 170). When I mean next to, I really mean next to it. It's basically almost an annex of Perthden. At midnight I feel like a bit of sport and just go out of my building and into Perthden Sauna. Now the Sauna is open until 2am but there are 2 shifts, the morning shift at 11ish that ends at 9, and the evening shift that ends at 2am. So the time with the most gals is between 4 to 9. Anyway, I had read several of obe's report and I really wanted to try one of his gals but she was a morning shifter so no chance. In the corridor I spot a gal wandering around, who was pretty cute and tall with a nice figure but she seemed to have been busy so wouldn't have been in my line-up. I go into the room and the manager brings me 3 girls. #18, #81, #126 (IIRC - possible to have made a mistake), #126 was ok in my opinion but compared to the corridor gal I was not really happy with selecting her, so I let the line-up go. The manager tells me I got to wait 10-20 min for the next lineup, so I tell him during my walk I saw the corridor gal, and to ask whether he can bring her in for selection; to which he replied that a customer had already reserved her although he had yet to turn up (he was late 15 min already at that point) - but he said he'll see what the situation is and bring her in. Anyway, a couple minutes later, he brings her in (i guess they can't wait for a customer forever) and I select her. Face: 4/5 - Cherubic, Innocent face, Body: 4/5 - Tall (1.65m), nice full figure but not plump. A little bit out of shape (no washboard abs or tight glutes) Service: 2.5/5 - I don't really care about service, like licking my body and nipples, I also told her not to blow me as I didn't feel like it - perhaps others prefer the full service Attitude: 4/5 - I like her attitude, a bit of spunk and friendly, but not a submissive character. Damage: 398 - 1 shot/60min (there is a 498 option for unlimited/90) - I also tipped her 100 RMB but I think that's unnecessary She doesn't like her nipples licked, but she enjoys being touched - at least it seemed that way, light fingering causes quite a good response, though only light kisses and she doesn't really return it. I have a feeling she's the kind that will give you better and better service once you get to know her and she starts to open up. RTF: Yeah, for this price and this quality definitely in the top 10 of my fuck-list in China at the moment. CP girls like that can stand in the KTV line-up and command 5-15-20 prices nowadays. I get a bonk in for 400+100 tip and she's really happy with it.
    Perthden Hotel - louhu Shenzhen. Location: Perthden hotel in Shenzhen Time of visit: June 24, 2013 Girl: Fei Fei Age: 23 as told. Probably mid 20's Face: 7.5/10 cute with secretary look as she had glasses Body: 4/10 5'2" ish. Skin not smooth, small A's with link nipples. Attitude: Professional, tried hard Service: no complaints Damage: 20tip to bag guy + 398 (girl) + tip Thanks to the other bros who reported on this location it was quite easy without much Chinese. I went to the 5th floor which is dead and the AC wasn't even turned on. At first a little confusion, but asked to go to liu Lo and pointed up. The lady walked me around the corner and up the stairs to the 6th floor. A guy greeted me and took me to a room and explained the prices which I already knew. $389(1 shot) and $489(2 shots). I asked for a lineup and he brought in 3 girls. The best looking one looked like she had a bad attitude, so I passed and asked for more. He then brought in 4 more girls. I picked Fei Fei. Forget to get her number, but you're not missing much. She had a cute face and wore glasses like a secretary you see in the pornos. The girls left and then the helper to arrange the rooms comes in and asked for my room number. I didn't want to do the deed in my room, so I asked for the manager again and explained that they should provide me a room. After some google translate and me telling my friend comes often and I'm supposed to be given a room. Then he said ok and then wrote down 398 and 498. I said ok and w left. About 5 min later the guy brought a bag and a bottle of water and took me up to the 12th floor. A few minutes later Fei Fei walked in She came in and hugged me and laughed at my lack of Chinese. After some talking on google translate we stripped and went to the shower. Pretty uneventful, basically washed LB and did a good jerk. Dried and off to the bed. She started with a car bath then went down for a ice then fire BJ. She also had this white liquid which I didn't know what it was. She sucked me pretty long with great suction and tongue action. She took as much of LB as she could. After a relaxing 10 min of BJ, I asked for a cap and she hopped on top. Great effort in CG and ACG then mish. LB started to get soft and she told me to lie down. Took off the Dom and began to start all over. I asked her to bbbj so she did with lots of power. After about 10 more minutes I CIM. Washed, paid up and went back up to my room to shower. The room which the deed was done in was not as clean as my room, kinda felt like a HG experience. But lasted a little over an hour. Would I repeat? Possibly if I get the chance, but not with the same girl. Will add a pic when I'm at a PC.
    Shenzhen – Yet Another Perthden Hotel Visit… (real pics) Date of visit – June 22nd Hometown: Hunan Address: 1025 South Yanhe Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen (near railway station) Sex Appeal: 4/5 Face: 4/5 Body: 4/5 Age of the girl: Mid twenties Skill: 4/5 Service: 4/5 Repeat: Yeah she was fun Damage: 498rmb + TIP – (WBBBJ + Fire n Ice BBBJ + 1 Pop) Prelude This hotel has been reported quite a few times now and what I like about the place is the location as it is near public transport and only a short 10 minute walk from King Glory Plaza. I went to the 5th floor knowing I was going to be sent straight to the 6th floor. I met the guy in the hallway and he took me into a small room to wait for a few minutes. As it was a Saturday night the place was fairly busy and I was only shown the one girl. She looked fine to me and I agreed. The guy took me up to the 12th floor and told me the girl will be with me in a few minutes. I tip him and he leaves. Main Event I settled on the 498 double pop massage. Undressed myself and we went to the shower together. We washed one another and she gave me a WBBBJ and I was allowed some light fingering. Went to bed and received a quick back rub followed by some LFK. Out came the ice and warm water for the fire and ice blow job. I have had this quite a few times and it always makes LB super sensitive. The only turn off is the spitting in to the bucket! I was capped and we started with CB followed by MISH, Wheelbarrow and Doggie for the finale. She was quite energetic and did her best to please me throughout the punt. The 2nd pop was much like the 1st except required a bit more effort as usual. Conclusion Good punt with a fun girl and I would be happy to repeat. Having said that I didn’t get a chance to see the other options available. She was more than happy to have a few pictures taken and told me to pick her again on my next visit. Obe
    Happy and unhappy about pethden hotel After 5 years reading mainland china report , I decide to post one Due to my business trip, I am in SZ and decide to check perthden hotel sauna girl after reading post Of Asaruda00 and HeMan because in SZ girls never want 2 pops in a row with me , despite I want pay the price , it is due to the size of my dick , until last year I stayed in DG , but since my supplier closed his factory , I returned in SZ , normally I stayed in Shekou and I took subway until Airport East each morning and evening . Sauna girls in DG never refused 2 pops I tried HaiXia , HuiMei , HuiHua , JingLang , and my favorite Peninsula . Due to the report of the 2 bros , I was quite confident for 2 pops , I go in the hotel hall and directly to the lift , employes look at me but don’t pay attention , I took the lift for the 6th floor , it was like other report : dirty and smelly , a guy introduces me in a small room ask me 1 or 2 shots , I reply 2 shots for 498 , he told me ok and would like to shut the door but I refuse , I prefer an opened door , he comes back with 6 girls , 3 were quality model for me , I choosed a beautiful one but no good English , the guy lift me on 12th floor in an hotel room and ask tip , I gave him 20rmb like asadura , 5 minutes later girl come in , we undressed together for shower , colour skin of the girl was quite strange , face very white , I don’t have seen a lot of make up but maybe it was , and body quite dark yellow but not a problem it was a very beautiful body , her name is XiaoLing age 25 small body , nice tits like I love , when we go for shower my LB start grow up and she told Da , Da , she send me on the bed and finish her washing , I was laying on my back waiting for action , she starts with a body massage with her tits and I told to myself I find a good location , she ask for laying on my belly and do massage with tits on my back and after with her bottom , very delicious , after returning a second time on my back , my dick was at full volume ready for action , whow , whow ,she capped me and try a BJ but stop after 2 minutes because my LB hurt her mouth , I understand her jaws was too opening ( same for my wife now she refuses to suck me anyway ) , we starts action with cow girl position but she only insert half of my dick with some roaming ( fake I suppose ) , after 5 minutes we change for opposite position so I can move bymyself and insert my dick a little more but not totally , she repulsed my blow hip in pushing my belly so I proposed dog position but no success after 2 in and out , she screamed very loudly and asked to stop , so she returned on her back and asked me a quick finition so I opened wide her legs and thrust my dick until her stomach , she nearly cried , and I also very enduring at love and I always want value for money I decided to keep my load as long as possible , slow , quick , slow , quick and finally after 20 minutes in this position , final moves very intense and loudly , I unload in the condom , after go out from her vagina she get up very quickly her 2 hands on her belly : tong le , tong le yi se yi se bu liang se , bu liang se , I told her : I want a second session but no question she shows me price at 398 rmb on her mobile phone , we go together on shower and told very good at fuck , shows me her little finger and told xiao didi wode nanpengyou , Chinese very small , you too big , when we dressed together she congratulates me ,she told me it would be a great memory for her but if I come back she wants I have to not choose her , she tried to understand me several days will be necessary before the pain will leave her belly Btw : she refused pictures So I leave perthden hotel disappointed because no 2 shots like usual , 398+20 rmb for one shot is expensive , you can have one shot in ShrangriLa area for 200 rmb 500 metres from this point Every time same scenario , the girl really like my way of fucking but no second round , I am sure Chinese woman wants quick fucks no more 4 or 5 minutes Is there some other guys with same problem ?
    Location: Perthden hotel in Shenzhen Time of visit: May 1X, 2013 Girl: Sasa Age: 25ish Face: 7.5/10 Body: 7.5/10 (167ish cm) Attitude: Professional, but gets tired Service: Good Damage: RMB 498 (2 hours, unlimited shots) + 100 for CIM 600 total including tips. I'm planning to post most of my backlogs so I'm keeping it short, since this punt has been reported by obe and other fellow bros. I went to the hotel by taxi, very easy, close to Luo Ding (15ish RMB). I went into the lobby, loads of old dudes sitting on the couches. God knows if they are all here resting or waiting for their regulars. Anyway I went up to the uhh 5th floor I think? Can't remember. Anyway I went up, asked for 'an ma', and the receptionist smiled and asked me to go to the 6th floor. Went up, see a dodgy hallway, a guy pops his head out and ushers me in, in cantonese. Ok nice. Inside a small room, a guy with a freaky hair-do explains me the prices. 398 1 shot, 498 unlimited shots 2 hours. I wasn't paying attention. I settled for the 498 package and I waited around 5 minutes inside a private room with a TV. After 5 min he came back with 1 girl. Tall, decent looking good figure, but I wanted to choose. I told him "I expected to choose out of 2-3 girls" and he told me it was peak hours and there were a lot of people (i came at around 9pm), I told him I'll wait. So he was OK, and seemed very understanding and accomodating. This time it took over 10 min and I was about to leave when it reached nearly 15, and he comes in with another girl, just one. Better looking but shorter. Oh well whatever, I was OK and the girl leaves. The first dude accompanies me to the 8th floor or something and explains me more details etc. Got into the room, very nice hotel room, he leaves a package for the girl, and I paid him 20 RMB tip. Thanks me and leaves. In 5 min the girl comes. Quite OK. Anyway the package the guy left had a cup of ice and other mirsc stuff. Cool. Shower, etc, wetBBBJ, to bed, puts ice in her mouth and gives BBBJ, spits it out after half a minute+ (bucket), puts warm/hot water in her mouth, BBBJ again, very nice. Hot and Cold I think it's called? Anyway this rotated several times. I think I began to feel I got my money's worth. Continued with the normal sex parts, all very good. But I'm just not too turned on by her body, although it's very smooth and very normal. Asked for CIM, +100 she asks, fine whatever. I just won't retry then. CIMs, ok, it took a while and LB was really sore so I paid up after an hour in exchange for a few pictures. I was like "Do u wanna leave early?" She was like really excited and went "en en", then I say "ok let me take a few pics of u then u can leave" and she obliged. Here they are.
    Perthden hotel - SZ Had some time to try out Perthden Hotel in SZ near Lowu after reading Obe’s report. Time of visit: May 13, 2013 Girl: forgot name Age: 25-30? Face: 7.5/10 Body: 7.5/10 Attitude: talkative, positive Service: average Found the place no problem. Went to the elevators to 5th floor. Attendant tells me to go directly to 6th floor. So I go to elevators again. 6th floor outside elevator doesn’t look very nice, no desk, no nothing, i walk into the corridors and find a very casually dressed guy in jeans and t’s. He sits me in a small room quickly and tells me he’ll get the girls. The door shuts and I’m left wondering whether a bunch of guys are I gonna rush in and rob me. Next guy who opens the door is a slightly more properly dressed guy with a bit more flamboyant hairstyle. He leads 3 girls in, no clear winners so far, so I asked to see a few more, he jabs me for not being able to pick these fresh hotties (whatever). They leave and he soon gets two more girls, one of these who’s face was a bit cute so I took her. The jeans and t’s guy leads me up to the 8th floor room which looks ok. I ask about pricing and he confirmed 398 single pop 90 min or 498 double pop for 2 hrs. Two beds, tv, washroom, size wasn’t small. The guy asks me for tip, I give him a 20. Girl knocks and is wearing a brown trench-coat, with skimpier outfit inside. We play and tease a little before getting into the shower. I ask for wbbbj and she says its 498 package, I say ok. She does a cursory job and I thought “oh well, get more of that later”. Little did I know.....read on. I banged her in the washroom and popped my first. Dried up and I wait for her on the bed. She comes and starts talking and giving me a very light massage while I recover. This is when she becomes talkative. The guy that lead me to the room did bring up the cups of liquids that you see girls using in the saunas but this girl didn’t ask me or touched the cups at all. I wasn’t really interested in that type of service in this place anyways, so didn’t matter to me. After some more chit chat and light massage I return the favour and give her a light massage and then start to feel her up. LB was ready once again. I asked her to bj....but she says she already brushed her teeth and didn’t want to brush it again!!!! WTF! I protest but not with anger but to no avail. She caps me and blows me ; terrible job still. Oh well. So KY is applied and she goes into CG which felt good. Not too long though, lazy. Switch to mish for a while then end up in doggie for the finale. Shower then dress then paid her 500 direct and left. Not a bad place if you just want a no thrills place for a good bang or two. Don’t expect young bumpkins here though. Would I go back, sure if convenient. Wonder whats the price for overnight if staying at the hotel. The 5th floor told me that massage was 1/2 price if using the services of the 6th floor but the place looks pretty dead. I visited at 1pm by the way, so maybe that’s why.
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