Shenhao Leisure Center (Shenzhen)

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    Address: No.2018, Cross of Jiabin Road and Nanhu Road.
    DBA in local language: 深濠休闲中心
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    In the foot massage room they also had wifi you can use.The massage girl is very ******y and beautiful who were always dressing a white shirt, black bra, white panties and a black skirt. If you choose a full body massage, The massage girl will first asked you to lay upside down and started to rub your back and neck. They will be very tiny and light, then massaging your body during around 45 minutes. There are many service package such as 90 minutes oil massage for 150RMB (tips included) plus a 60 minute foot massage for free (you only had to pay the tip). Anyway, if you try, you will get the nice experience. Normal price without promotion is around RMB200. Time is 90 minutes.
    Shen hao massage shenzhen About a month ago, i went to shen hao for massage. This place at Shenzhenshi Luohuqu Jiabinlu#2018 (深圳市罗湖区嘉宾路2018号) I come about 9.00 pm and take a shower first. The facilities not very good but its oke. After finish take a bath i go to rest area for rest a moment. Luckily 9.00 pm is the time for night massause start work do all the massause come to rest area for hear the manager talk. I see all the massause and i got the target. She is 89. But i must queue because the already ordered. Ok, no problem. This place offer free foot massage for 45minutes, so i take it and kill my time for 45minutes. Just give some tips. After waiting, the time is come. The papasan send me to the room, and the massause come. Very good body with nice boobs and still very young. Start the massage, the massage was good. After massage, she give me prostatemassage. Very nice and comfortable. After that, she give me a hand job and i got the pop. Still have time, i talk so many with her, and also play her boobs but cant open her clothes. She also very gfe but she reject for fuck her. She only want fuck with her boyfriend. No. 89 Body : 8 Boobs : 34b Skill : 8 Face :7 Dc : about 218 include tips Ro : yes if i need cheap prostate massage
    I found this place by chance. Address: Cross of Jiabin Road and Nanhu Rd. Luohu, Shenzhen. To enter from the street through a stair that takes you to the -1. They usually have a big sign outside advertising very cheap massages that they remove when it is closed. When I went they had an temporary offer of 90 minutes oil massage for 150RMB (tips included) plus a 60 minute foot massage for free (you only had to pay the tip). In the foot massage room they also had wifi I took first a foot massage while I was reading the news in my mobile and meanwhile I could see the girls who entered into the private rooms zone until I saw one that I liked and I told the waiter that I wanted that girl once she was free. After one hour the girl was free and I went to the private room with her. She was dressing very sexy with a white shirt, black bra, white panties and a black skirt. I was her first foreign customer so before she started she asked me if I knew the kind of massage that she was going to give me. I smiled and I said that I knew. She smiled back. She asked me to lay upside down and she started to rub my back and neck. She was very tiny and light, so even she was sitting in my back it didn't feel uncomfortable. She kept talking and massaging my body (massage skills were so-so) during around 45 minutes. After she said that she had to wash her hands and after 5 minutes she came back with the baby oil. She started to rub my gg and I started to touch her body. While she was out, she had not only washed her hands but also loosed her clothes and removed her bra She let me touch everything except inside the pussy. She was also open to kisses but without tong. For this kind of massage she had far better skills haha. I tried to slow down sometimes to last longer while I touched her thin and tiny body and her tiny but firm breast. I was surprised how well proportionate she was. Her panties were broken, I don't know if on purpose to facilitate the touching or just because nobody cared (I don't think customers were going to complaint about it). After a few minutes I couldn't control myself anymore and I shot. Then it came the only bad experience of the night. She start wining that her mobile phone was not good enough and that I could buy her one RMB2,000. I refused and she kept wining and bargaining. She offered to become my gf, to come to my hotel afterwards... but the mobile had to be at least 2,000. Anyway, the experience was good and I would repeat the place (not sure the girl). Summary: Face: 4/5 Body: 5/5 (If you like petite girls) Massage skills: 2/5 HE skills: 4/5 Annoying skills: 4/5 Damage: RMB150+20 (tip for foot massage). Time: 90 minutes. Normal price without promotion is around RMB200.
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