Sakura Water Club (Shenzhen)

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    Address: At the first bottom floor of Shenfang Square
    DBA in local language: 櫻花水會SPA
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa, Sauna
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    This is one of the massage places in Shenzhen which is most valuable for money and has the good service standard from the masseuse. The entrance is located at the left of the big neon signboard hanging on the building. Walk towards the left of the signboard, entrance is beneath ground level. The facilities are clean and newly refurbished, the selection of girls is assigned by them unless you have a regular masseuse. The average price is about 318RMB for 90 minutes, the massage girls are decent looking, looks grows on you. their attitude are also very good. Massage skill was average only, but HJ and cock teasing was good.
    Sakura Water Club (樱花水会)Shenzhen - Boobs Massage with Happy Ending Been there during my trip in Shenzhen I chanced upon this place and was attracted to it by the large vertical hanging sign board at the build which says "樱花水会" which literately means "Sakura Water Club" in English. This is one of the place I find most value for money and good service standard from the masseuse. Maps: http://goo.gl/maps/eu7jw | The entrance is located at the left of the big neon signboard hanging on the building. Walk towards the left of the signboard, entrance is beneath ground level. Facilities (7.5/10) - Clean and newly refurbished Selection of Girls (7/10) - Assigned by them unless you have a regular masseuse (ask for her by number) Accessibility (9/10) - 5 Minutes walk from Guo Mao MTR station. Price: 318RMB inclusive of tips for 90 minutes bare boobs massage with HJ. Girl #28 Looks (6.5/10) - Decent looking, looks grows on you Attitude (9/10) - Awesome GFE, What led me to return for 2nd visit is her GFE which seems non existence in all the club I went. Boobs - (4/10) - SMALL A cup but since I am not a boob lover so its okay for me but defiantly a killer for many. Skill - (8/10) - Massage skill was average only, but HJ and cock teasing was good. Ventured into this place not sure of what is has to offer, so asked the manager for pricelist and a explanation of what is the difference of the 2 most expensive package. 318RMB package is bare boobs massage with HJ and the 2nd most expensive package is HJ with boobs massage without undressing top. It is like only 50RMB difference so I took the 318 RMB one. After choosing the package, I was led by the attendant to a japanese themed room with double bed on floor. Room as clean and newly refurbished. 5 mins up, the masseuse came knocking on the door. First glance, don't really like her but decent look and polite so didn't reject her. Told me to strip naked and lie with my back facing up, started with the usual 'decent' massage and start chatting. Strength was average only but that's not the reason I went there so doesn't bother me too much. Found out that she's is from Guangxi and she just started working in this place today and I am her first customer there. So we went on chatting and till she start the 'main course' sexy massage. Starting to grind her LS at my legs, a soft and warm feeling while hands is working to tickling my back, ears and hands. Then started licking me all over. About 30 mins later she told me she is going out to get some things, came back with a bottle of oil and as me to turn over. Started by positing herself in cowgirl position with clothes in between grinding her LS on my LB. Starting to get a hard on then she came down to give a sensual cat bath. Good teasing skill, enjoyed every bit of it. then she took off her bra and start giving bare boobs massage, small but felt good then followed by hands and mouth roaming near my LB. Now my LB is waking up, she started rubbing oil and doing HJ for me. This moment I started caressing her tiny boobs and ass. She is giving out soft moan, not sure if its allowed to play with her LB but decided to try to work my way to there anyway. Can see that she is trying to avoid me going down south but when I try harder she give in because she is already so wet. She gave out a loud moan and come up to me to french me while her hands is stroking my LB and mine on her wet LS. Not contented with roaming outside her LS, I started fingering her which she seems to like it and she started stroking me harder and moaning out pretty loud. I could tell that she likes it so I speed up my fingers and she came frenching me again. This moment the feeling around my LB is pretty intensify but no urge to cum as no girl has ever made me cum with HJ and I doubt she's able to make me cum. Therefore I told her she can actually stop stroking as she has been doing it for so long but I have not cum yet. She told me not to talk and ask me not to stop fingering her. Right after she finish her sentence she come to french me again. I obey obediently and after the next couple of minutes she suddenly went all soft slowing down in stroking me and left out a satisfying moan. Think she came, and I removed by finger signaling to her that she could stop. But instead she told me not to move and started using 2 hands to stroke me and I don't even know what she is doing but it felt damn good and who knows after the next few minutes I shot my largest pile of load in my life. Despite me unloaded already she still refused to stop for the next 30 seconds, I felt so helpless When she make sure she has squeezed every DROP of it she stop and came to speak near my ears "Now I took you virgin" and lie down to hug me before started cleaning me up.
    Date of visit – December 18th Name / Number: Ah Ying? Hometown: Hubei Sex Appeal: 3.8/5 Face: 3.8/5 Body: 3.8/5 Age of the girl: 23 Skill: 3/5 Service: 3/5 Repeat: Defintely Not Room: Standard massage issue format. Just bed/mattress. Damage: 318 RMB After my session at the Walk In, I when for a standard massgae place with only happy ending. No lineup. Just brought one girl unto room. Looked decent and reminded me of a lady colleague at work, so kept her. Massage was so so. HJ was okay. Overall abit pricey as I have tried cheaper places for better standard of massage and HJ!
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