Kai Yue Hua Ting Sauna (Shenzhen)

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    Address: 4/F,Kaiyue Hotel,Chunfeng Road
    Also Known As: Kai Yue Hua Ting Spa
    DBA in local language: 凯悦华庭休闲中心
    Open Hours: 24 hours
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    Payment: Cash
    About Me:
    This sauna totally covers the area of 2 thousands square meters, which means it is very luxurious. There are about 40 massage rooms inside and each room can accommadate 15 people. The massage rooms can be classified into three types: traditional Chinese massage, Japanese massage and Thai massage. With the special guidance of the masters, the masseurs here all have professional techniques.Per capita consumption is about 100 yuan.
    Shenzhen - Hyatt Terrace SPA Let me start this report by thanking Obe for introducing me to this place. The Hyatt Terrace SPA (凯悦华庭水会SPA) is located a few bus stops from the train station (can take bus nr 83 or 387). The exact address is 2011, Chun Fen rd. It is located on the 4th floor, which you can access from the panoramic elevator on the left of the building. You can refer to the business card for details. I have to say that this place has very sexy girls with the best working attitude I've ever seen in such a setting. Very good quality for the price and they are all below 28. The place is VERY clean, elegant but without excess of useless money waste. Damage should be around 450 if I remember correctly. The first lady I was introduced to was so sexy! Not tall (around 1.50m), but with a big breast that was overflowing out of her tiny dress. She had a very seductive 乳沟 and an intriguing smile. Unfortunately I am picky and I deserve punishment. So I insisted to have the opportunity to check others (you never know what else is there!). I was brought other 3, but when I eventually chose the first gal another guy had already taken her! The other gals were all pretty (4/5 face), with a good body (4/5). But comparatively speaking not as hot and sexy (this is very personal opinion though). So I randomly chose one. Her name is An Ning, she said she is 25 but looks like 20 (or maybe it's me who understood her age wrong). She is a sexy doll. If you like this kind of submissive sexy dolls, than she is just perfect, a 10/10 in attitude. Her massage skills were not good as her massage was so weak, but I admit that didn't really matter me. She was hot enough for me to let the massage last very short. This differently from my previous report in a different place where despite the massage my LB was _very_ peaceful. She helped me to undress, little by little. And let me undress her slowly. The only thing apparently all of them cannot take off is the mini-skirt. Not much of a problem though. She did a good BBBJ. It was very good because it lasted long, as long as I asked for and was BB. It was not exceptional though because it was a bit repetitive and with little no suction. I want girls to let me feel they are starving for my LB and just can't keep from swallowing it. Her LS is so tight I even didn't manage to put two fingers inside! On the down side she was bushy down there, as most - what a pity! Her GFE was very good, she hugged and caressed. Her service attitude was surprisingly good (a full 10/10 if not more) in the sense that she always focused on touching me, no matter what, and keeping me excited, but not too much as to make me fast in order to rest. However, her action skills could be improved with greater suction and some variations in the position. One thing that impressed me was that she used to keep her eyes often closed and seemingly silently talk with her lips. I thought she was praying or talking to her family/boyfriend. However, after checking, more likely is that she has some very slight speech disorder that makes her behave this way (you can guess from the way she talks). Anyway, since I didn't have the heart for, I asked her to feel free to only do what she was feeling comfortable with. She suggested continuing with the BBBJ and I accepted. However even if I gave up the FS I could see she was very keen at pleasing her customer, anyway and anyhow. But despite I am paying for her I want to leave her some choice. When I CIM she was surprised and cried something. So I guessed she was not happy with it and I pulled LB out. Unfortunately, since I was already on the go I blew on her face and hair. I felt sorry for the mess as it was not intentional (although it looked great ). As a great sexy doll would do she held it in her mouth for a while (while I was helping her to clean herself) and submissively asked for my authorization to let her go to the bathroom to wash a bit. Again what a service attitude! I felt flattered. Afterwards, I let her rest on my chest, hugging her and caressing her. She returned the favor hugging me. We chatted a little bit and (as you can expect from a doll) she said she was only into money, then buy a house than find a nice 老公. I wish her luck, that her customers are all healthy and know how to play the game safely for both. I'm sure the are lots of men wishing to have a sexy doll like her at home. When at the end I tipped her 100 (she deserved even more for her attitude) she looked the happiest girl on the earth. Damn, I should've done it at the beginning! Tipping should be on a girl by girl basis, but with this one I strongly suggest you to do it in advance (or at least tell her in advance). Her happy smile and attitude are so contagious! I don't think I will repeat this experience though, as what I am looking for are not passive dolls. I will definitely go back to that place though, as my LB gets hard just thinking at the first girl... damn I didn't ask her the name! If anyone has been there or is going there please report his experience with the name of the gal (or picture, is the same). I will be happy to know which one also has outstanding performing skills.
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