Grand View Hotel Sauna (Shenzhen)

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    Address: Grand View Hotel, 319 Fuhua Road.
    DBA in local language: 深圳景轩大酒店桑拿
    Open Hours: 00:00-24:00
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
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    The sauna lobby is located in 11 Floorand asked for a massage. there are locker room, bathing room, and massage room, the massage is this sauna club is from massage girls. They are beautiful and can provide different kind of massage service, FS is available to foreigners only (primarily HK identity card holders) and it is not provided on the sauna floor but instead in a hotel room. Thr massage session can include shower together, BBBJ in shower, BBBJ on bed, cowgirl, doggie, missionary. The environment of this hotel sauna is also very nice.
    Shenzhen: Grand View Hotel Date of visit: October 26th Name: #XX (can't remember) Address: Grand View Hotel, 319 Fuhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳景轩大酒店 深圳市 福田区 福华路319号 Note: The hotel is located right above the Gangxia Metro Station, Exit C Manager number: 13590161018. Business card also has 0755-82976888-1100 and +852 66560057 on it Sex Appeal: 4/5 Face: 4/5 Body: 4/5 Estimated age of the girl: Mid to late 20s Skill: 4/5 Service: 4/5 Repeat: Yes Damage: 488rmb (single shot) Details: This is my second visit here. The first time was about 6 months ago; at that time I wandered into the sauna lobby (11F) and asked for a massage. I was then ushered into the locker room where I showered and changed into pajamas, was led to a room, given a lineup of 3, and then was given a disappointing massage from my girl. However, she gave me some valuable information -- FS is available to foreigners only (primarily HK identity card holders) and it is not provided on the sauna floor but instead in a hotel room. I support this is safer from LE raid as you are in private hotel room rather than in the sauna itself. So, on this second visit I called in advance and once I got to the 11f lobby I was given a hotel card key for a room on a higher floor. My girl then arrived in the room a few minutes later. My girl was about 1.55m, slim build with B cups and a soft round bottom. Very pretty face. Session included shower together, BBBJ in shower, BBBJ on bed, cowgirl, doggie, missionary. Overall a good session and I would repeat. Other details picked up: Sauna sometimes is listed on the fun161 website and other websites catering to HK crowd but due to heightened risk during China leadership transition, this has been taken down. In addition, no "special" services are being provided at present on the sauna floor itself (e.g., HE) for similar reasons. So you need to show you are a foreigner to the lobby staff to have any chance to access.
    Shenzhen – Grand View Hotel Sauna – Come in Spinner! (real pics) *** Got screwed twice and not in a favourable way! *** Date of visit – October 23rd Name: Girl #17 Address: Grand View Hotel, Address: 277, Fuhua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China Sex Appeal: 4/5 Face: 4.5/5 Body: 3.5/5 Estimated age of the girl: 20 Skill: 3.5/5 Service: 4/5 Repeat: No Normal Damage: 428rmb (single shot) + TIP This Time: 800rmb Prelude I had myself a well deserved day off work yesterday. I travelled down to Futian around lunch time for a couple of beers and a steak sandwich at my favourite bar. After relaxing and watching some nice girls walk pass for an hour or so I headed to my regular sauna around 3pm. This is where things unfortunately started to go pear shaped. Firstly I had to shower in the locker rooms and not in the room with my chosen girl. This has happened to me before so I thought I would roll with the punches. I showered and put on the silly pyjama shorts and top. I was taken to a small but comfortable room and chose girl 17 from a line up of two people. Yep, no shit, I had a choice of two girls. I know I was early afternoon but I would assume a bit more of a selection. Main Event She has quite the spinner body on her with small breasts and a nice little firm butt. She is from up North close to the border to Mongolia so she has a bit of a mixed look about her. Nice face features especially her eyes. She took me out of the pyjamas and undressed herself and we lay down on the single bed (yet another inconsistency with this sauna). She gave me a poor excuse for a massage but this did not bother me as I was not really there to ease the pain in my back and shoulders. I was rolled over where LB was given some light touching along with my inner thighs. Once LB was standing to attention I was given a CBJ (more inconsistency as BBBJ was previously offered). For a CBJ it actually felt quite good and she is rather skilful. Nice firm sucking while keeping eye contact. Condom was changed with a new one and we started with the usual CB. Nice firm arse to hang on to and she put in a good effort riding my shaft. After a while I moved her to the end of the bed for some wheelbarrow with deep penetration and she let a few moans go while in this position. Not sure why but she asked to change condoms again which I happily obliged and we moved to doggie position for the grand finale. Amazing little butt to look at while in doggie position and it wasn’t to long till I reached my goal. She cleaned me up and that was the end of the punt. I took a few photographs for the brag book and walked down to pay my bill. 800rmb the girl behind the counter says. I explained to her the best I could that I have been to this sauna multiple times and pay 428rmb for single pop service and 498rmb for 2 pops. 800rmb she repeats and I continued this discussion for about five minutes. Not getting anywhere I had to accept I was getting screwed for a 2nd time and reluctantly paid and left the Grandview Hotel. This sauna has a good range of girls (in the evening) but the inconsistencies in services, rooms and payment amount has made me decide to vote with my feet and never to return. This is a real shitter as the location of this place is very convenient. My recently divorced friend is visiting China in two weeks time so I will take him to CP to ease the pain...
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