Golden Beach Sauna (Shenzhen)

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    Address: At the third floor of Jianingna Square, No.2002, people south road
    DBA in local language: 金沙滩桑拿
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    It is located in the third floor of Jianingna Square, when you step into the shop, the staff will be very friendly to introduce their service for you, this sauna center has the new decoration, the area is very large, the environment give you the sweet and comfortable feeling, there is a full selection of 50 female massage therapists, and they can guarantee their service quality, it is really the famous brand of choice.
    I found the service to be not so great, so I would avoid this place in the future. Although the rate is 399 for one time, or 499 for two pops, the girls really try to rush you in and out, that is not cool.
    Golden Beach Sauna Luohu, Guoamo So after reading a lot in this forum I choose Golden Beach Sauna in Luohu, Guoamo Station Exit A. Easy to find over there. I was there with a colleague from my company. At the reception we were asked for the kind of service. After agreeing on full service for 399 RMB we went on. The locker room and the showers were ok. Skipped foot massage and went on. So we were brought to a room. 3 mins later they brought around 8 girls in the room from which we could choose from. Out of the 8 girls there was one 9/10, one 8/10 and one 7/10. Others were much below. One girl was very scared of us. I would never take this one. As the cute girls were also friendly and funny in some way we took these. I stayed in the same room. My colleague was brought to another room. The girl started with massage, approx 20-30 mins. After that she wanted to discuss the service. As she did not speak any english and I don't speak only very little Chinese it was even nearly impossible to communicate. As google always costs a lot of time we decided to go on the locations standard. So I am sure nearly anything would have been possible for a tip. After blowing up little Peter we started FS in several positions and finished after around 1 hour in total. I was very satisfied. Best experience so far this time. Can recommend. Will go there again. The services comes near to the one I was asking for in my first post, so maybe you have any idea where to get more. As my Chinese is very very low I need to have a location which standard meet that I was asking for. I don't want to have 20 mins discussion with the girl.
    One night in Shenzhen – Part One: Golden Beach Sauna at Carrianna Centre

    I was in Shenzhen for one night at the end of April for business. My flight from Beijing was delayed by more than three hours and the plane didn't land until after 1am. By the time I got to the Zense Hotel it was almost 3am. I was quite tired but horny because I had stayed with a friend in Beijing for the three previous nights and had had no chance for any funny business.

    The Zense Hotel bills itself as a spa hotel, and has two spa establishments that operate 24 hours a day. After sorting my stuff out, I went downstairs to explore these places. On the fifth floor was a beauty parlor where one would get all sorts of body scrub and facial treatments. On the second floor was a typical sauna / massage joint, and a waiter standing by a computer workstation greeted me just a few steps away from the elevator door. He told me that I could change into the spa pajamas supplied in my guest room and visit them any time I wanted. Unfortunately, neither establishment would send their masseuses upstairs.

    I therefore suspected, correctly, that perhaps they would not offer me the maximum pleasure that I wanted. Given the late hours, I decided to go back to the Golden Beach Sauna at Carrianna Centre which I had visited a few years ago. Judging from the comments on some Chinese websites that I had recently browsed, I was quite sure it would offer full service.

    Indeed that was the case. But the experience was not uplifting, as the place was quite rundown. I was shown six to seven girls in two batches, but the quality was really mediocre in the 5-7 range on a scale of 1-10. I picked the prettiest girl among them (she was reasonably good looking) , though it turned out that her tits were enhanced.

    My girl was in her mid-20s and from Zhongshan. She first gave me a lame massage before proceeding to an excellent blowjob with hot and cold water. Sex was very girlfriend-like as she was quite sweet and gentle.

    According to her, the owner had shrunk the size of the establishment by half because the rental cost was too high. Therefore, all the VIP rooms with en suite bathrooms had been abolished. But the place really needed a good face-lift – I'm quite sure it had not had a renovation since I last was there in 2009. She also said that the place specialized in providing full services and that the manager would always recommend full service to customers, even though a few girls would not do it. Apparently, the boss still maintains very good relationship with the powers-that-be, and the place survives every police inspection without a glitch. The cost of maintaining that relations is actually borne by the masseuses, according to my girl, as they have to pay 900 yuan of 'management fee' to the company each month.
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