Dou shuohao Health Management Center (Shenzhen)

    Posting ID: 972      Latest Update: 06/30/2014
    Phone: (0755)86067386
    Address: No.2001, Qianhai Road, Sunshine Palm Uptown, Block 8, shop 198
    DBA in local language: 都说好健康管理中心
    Open Hours: 09:00-23:00
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Payment: Cash
    About Me:
    The technicians here have years of clinical experience. With method as auxiliary treatment method, and by using a unique way, massagers can release your pain of rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis of shoulder, etc.
    Went to that address and only found a building that looked like as if someone wanted to renovate it completly (no doors, no windows, some walls torn down) but then ran out of money. Talked to a neighbour. She seemed willing to help, but did not know anything about a massage place in there.
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