Bu Ye Tian Leisure Center (Shenzhen)

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    Address: No.113 Building,Xinzhou Beicun
    DBA in local language: 不夜天休闲中心
    Open Hours: 24 hours
    Category: Massage Parlor
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    Cover an area of 800 square meters, Bu Ye Tian Leisure Center is a large lersure place with the integration of massage, entertainment and leisure. With a shining sign-board, it is well-known in the local. Masseurs here are quite professional, with the several years of training, both of who can guarantee that each guest can enjoy great service. The parking service is available.
    SZ Buyetian Leisure Center After an uninspired alley punt I wanted a good shower and a massage, so I headed to my usual haunt which is Buyetian Leisure Center. You can find previous reports with the location here: http://forum.sex141.com/eforum/viewthread.php?tid40639 I like this place because it is simple, cheap, and the staff doesn’t hassle you. It can get crowded and you might have to wait for a girl, but they recently finished building a small lounge area with about 12 chairs. Before you had to wait in the lobby by the street. Anyway, I got there, took my shower, and was led to a room. I had to wait almost 20 minutes for a girl. I guess they don’t have many on a Thursday night. I was watching TV and about to go complain about the wait when my girl arrived. I used to have regular girls here, but they have all moved on. Girl: #58 Name: UNK Age: I’m guessing 28 Hometown: UNK Language: Mandarin/Cantonese Height: 5’6” Face: 2/5 really nothing special Body: 3.5/5 a little soft everywhere, but natural D cup Skill: 3.5/5 Attitude: 4.5/5 GFE: 5/5 Overall: 4.5/5 Damage: 168 for a double session. 10 for the locker boys. Repeat: Yes This place usually just supplies a cheap, decent massage in 45 minute increments. If you get 2 or more you get a HJ. It’s 79 RMB per 45 minutes, and 10 RMB if you use oil for the HJ. The oil is standard, so if you don’t want it you have to tell your girl. This girl speaks no English, so communication was a problem with my terrible mandarin. However she thought it was more funny than bothersome. She smiles very easily. The massage started and she was a little playful, with little pecks on the cheek and squeezing my ass. I couldn’t tell exactly how it was going to go at first. The massage was okay, but she wasn’t serious about it, and after 15 minutes or so she turned me over. This is where I usually break the routine, so I asked her to just lie down with me for a while. There was some light pecking at first, no LFK or DFK. But as my hands wandered over her body and played with her natural D cups she warmed up. She wouldn’t let me go down the front of her panties, but pulling them aside was okay and I fingered her lightly. Then all of a sudden some sort of switch went off in her head and she jumped on me and started DFK like crazy. She is a pretty good kisser, but aggressive. After a minute or two she composed herself and left the room, returning with a glass of hot water. She proceeded to give me a very good BBBJ. I’ve never gotten that before at Buyetian. After a while she climbed on top and rubbed LS on LB through her panties and then with her panties pulled to the side. If I had a condom I’m sure I could have had FS. She did say sex was not allowed there, but that I could go out with her on Chinese Valentines Day (8/13 I think). I’ll consider it. We finished with a HJ with oil. Next time I’ll refuse the oil in hopes of a BBBJCIM. You can tip the girl at the front desk, but I did not. I’ll bring her cash next time (and a condom just in case).
    Based on what I have been reading here, I Went to Buyetian, Xinzhou 2 and 9 jie, Futian, Shenzhen for a HE massage. Staff are laid back, place is decent enough inside - its ghettoish outside. It was a pleasant enough experience with an ordinary looking Chinese girl in her early twenties. Lacking on the skilled cock teasing front. I`ll go back and report again I have a better experience there. 178 rmb including tips. cant really complain its very cheap and there was zero hassle.
    [Shenzhen] Buyetian Sauna

    I think I have basically been following bro marcopo's recommendations the whole time during my stay in Shenzhen. After reading his post here: http://forum.sex141.com/eforum/viewthread.php?tid38683 I decided to try out the Buyetian Sauna (I've been there 3 times so far). It's a 10 minute walk from Shawei Hooker Alley, so for about 260 RMB you can have a quick FS, a shower, and a 90 minute massage with HJ. Here are my thoughts on the sauna.

    First, there has been some confusion on the price. I assure you that it is currently 59 RMB per 45 minute session. You can get as many sessions in a row as you want. A HJ is standard with the second session, although the girl may push you at the start to get three sessions. If you get the HJ it is an extra 20 RMB for the oil. So a double session without a HJ is 118, and with a HJ is 138.

    The facilities are being remodeled right now. The shower/locker/changing area are all completed and are very nice/clean/modern. They are building something between the changing area and the rooms (which are upstairs), so you have to walk through a construction zone. Between my first and last visit they have made progress, so don't let this worry you. I think it will be done in a couple of weeks. They are also remodeling the rooms. So sometimes you get a nice room, and sometimes you get an old room with stains on the ceiling. Marcopo mentioned a queen size bed, but I have always received a twin sized bed. The beds have holes for your face, but this feature is not used. So it is a regular bed massage. They also have more rooms in the building behind their main one.

    The girls are mostly young (22-25) and pretty (6.5/10) but I haven't seen anything spectacular. You can reject the girl if you don't want her and they will bring another. I have tried #26 (repeat) and #36. Both give very good GFE (lots of leaning in close, chatty), but become distant during the HJ. Both allow me to remove their bra and fondle their non-existent tits under their uniforms on the first visit, and on a repeat, #26 allowed me to finger her a little. The rooms/doors are not set up for full nudity or FS. The girls are not allowed to leave the facility. They live upstairs. The massage is not bad. They follow a set pattern, so they are trained. #36 gave the much harder massage. The massage is a dry massage over the clothes. Both girls gave me their phone numbers and QQ, but did not allow pictures. I will not post QQ pictures.

    I want to mention that this place gets pretty busy between 8pm and 11pm every day, and because they are remodeling the rooms, they don't have as many as usual. So you might have to wait for a room. You can call ahead and reserve if you want. Mandarin only.

    Below is a map, a picture of the front of the building, a picture of their very boring card, and their very boring room.
    [Shenzhen] Buyetian Sauna, Futian - Cheap, young girl, 24/7 ! I've tried a new sauna in Futian district. Service and session were very standard, so I'll go straight to the point. Sauna : 不夜天 体育中心 (Buyetian Leisure Center) Address : 深圳市福田区新洲北村113栋 Tel : 0755-83428342 Open 24/7 !!! 2 shifts of girls (night shifts is from 7pm30 to 8am) Double session (2*45 min) costs 148 RMB (+lockerboy tip), and includes : - Dry massage (back, legs, arms) for 45 min - Oil massage : back, butt then HJ I didn't try anything with the girl, I was lazy and just let her serve me : - 21 yo from Hubei - Overall look : 3.5/5 very common young chinese girl, slim, average face. good point is youth - Dry massage was so so. Oil massage on back and butt crack was good. Took her time for the oily HJ as well. Not really skilled, but serious and no rush. Facilities are a bit old and smelly, but still ok. Massage on a queen size bed. I saw other girls on the way, and they're young as well. Overall : not the best massage I had, but HE was good, the girl young, and very cheap. NB : on the way out, I saw a beautiful girl with red hair going to the side entrance, not sure she works there. I'll retry for sure.
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